About Clare


Hi, I'm Clare,

the human behind Clare Mitchell Designs! 

Clare Mitchell Designs is a stationery store spreading joy & bringing awareness to mental health through happy products!

Myself on the other hand... I am overly anxious *literally always*, I love all things lavender, I have an obsession with disco balls, if I could snap my fingers right now and be transported anywhere, I would probably choose Cars Land & I drink way too much caffeine and not enough water.

I took a year off after high school to figure out what I wanted to do for a career and then that 1 year off turned into jumping into working several different 9-5 customer service jobs. 

My journey of creating greeting cards started when I worked at a stationery shop in Oakville, Ontario. Since then I have fully jumped into the roll of a small business owner. 

I take a lot of pride in the fact that all of my designs are made by me! Whether it's a hand lettered piece or a design using fonts, all designs are created by my hands. I've always been creative and little me wouldn't believe that I've turned a fun hobby into a business (I can't believe it either).

Thanks so much for being here!

♥ Clare